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Foxy Trike


The Foxy Mini Trike is the lightest and most compact Trike by Fly Products!

The Foxy Mini Trike is easy to assemble and disassemble. Which makes for smooth transport due to size and speed of assembly. 

When the trike is open it is approximately 128cm by 146cm in width.

When the trike is folded it is approximately 107cm by 57cm in width.


Comes standard with Big Wheels. Compatible with the Rider Frame. Also Includes Line Holders.

Foxy mini trike edited.png

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Rear Cage Now Available for the Foxy Trike!

  • Saves your prop from a Turtle

  • Saves your glider and lines from getting into the prop

  • Great training tool

140cm prop $1,200

130cm prop $1,100

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