How Do They Compare?


Foxy Trike

The Foxy Trike is the smallest and most portable trike Fly Products has ever offered! 

The Foxy is easy to assemble and is very light weight. This Trike is made for solo flight only and is made to attach to a Rider Frame. 

This Trike makes transitioning from foot launch to trike and back a breeze.


Flash Cruiser

The Flash Cruiser is the most versatile Trike Fly Products offers!

Alongside a Rider Frame possibilities are endless with this particular trike. It is light weight and easy to travel with but also quite sturdy.

The Flash Cruiser is designed to do Tandems, Solo Flight, and then when the motor frame is removed the Rider can be switched to Foot Launch in only a matter of moments.



The Vertigo Trike is a phenomenal training resource as well as a strong Solo Flight trike. 

The Vertigo is designed to be compatible with a Rider Frame OR it can be used with an Easy Removal system that holds a motor of your choice. The Easy Removal is a mounting kit to use the motor of your choice and still be able to break the unit down quickly for travel.



Xenit Trike is one of unmatched stability and comfort combined. This trike is a commercial grade, robust build that is fairly light weight and can break down easily. This trike can be used for both solo and tandem flights but it does have a dedicated motor.

The Xenit does have larger tires as well as brakes and shocks allowing for flights in a tad bit rougher terrain. 

This trike can be kept fairly simple or upgraded with all of the bells and whistles!


Eco 2


The Eco 2 Light is a very specific and unmatched trike in the market! This trike with the manual start motor is just below the legal FAA Ultra Light Weight Restriction.

The Eco 2 Light is sold with the Air Cooled RMZ 500 which is a 50HP motor often used for higher altitude flying or heavier pilots/loads. 

There are extensive options of things you can add to the trike as far as gauges and upgrades go. Aside from the unbelievable power the trike is as sturdy as you could imagine and more!

While the Eco 2 Light will break down, it would be more of a load up in the trailer and go unit.